bmarshall  Brad Marshall

 Business Technologist / Fractional CIO

 My expertise involves the blending of business operations experience with a professional IT skill set.  I work with businesses that are looking to embrace the best technology tools to accelerate their growth or improve internal operations.

I have over 30 years of experience in the IT world… and yes, that means I am older than dirt!  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration and a Masters from the school of hard knocks… so I am grounded in both formal and “street” education.  I have seen what works in the real world and keep a watchful eye on emerging technology that is just over the horizon.

On this site, I share my recommendations, reviews, insights, and business operation tips that will benefit those seeking solid, practical, and  cost-effective solutions.

I try to be as plain spoken as possible and not get into too much “geek-speak”.  So relax, browse around, and if I can assist you on a one to one basis, contact me via email here… or subscribe to my RSS feed using the RSS icon at the bottom of this page.  YOUR INFORMATION WILL NEVER BE SOLD OR USED TO SELL YOU STUFF…FROM THIS SITE, THE INTERNET OR OTHERWISE.   (I hate it when others abuse me that way.)  You will only receive notices regarding new posts on this site or a response to your request for assistance.  ‘Nuff said!  🙂

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