When was the last time you took at good look at your web site?  Within the last year? or longer?

So how does it look?  Fresh and up to date or like something build in the 1990’s?  Take a look at these examples to get an idea about what I mean by poor design.  They look tired and old.  Here are some samples of some of the best.    5-10 years ago just having a web site was a sign to potential customers that your business was progressive and maybe even a little “hip”… but not anymore.  Everyone has a web site and sometimes more than one.  Today your site is judged by its look and feel.  It needs to look attractive in order to keep visitors engaged and ready to explore…

How does a web site get out of date?  Many times it is because the web site owner hired the first web site built by a full service web developer or advertising agency.  It was probably a costly project and any change to the layout or design after the initial build came with a good size invoice.  Pretty soon, the owner decides not to change any more web pages in order to keep costs down.  This is an unfortunate scenario and happens far too often.

Things have greatly improved in the past few years.  Web site building tools have advanced from 5 years ago when you almost needed to be a programmer, to where if you can put together a PowerPoint presentation, you have the basic skills to build a web page.  With web sites build in WordPress you can now achieve an updated look to your web site for a fraction of the cost of a “hand coded” web site.  The best part is that you or one of your staff can learn WordPress and do most of the updates and edits thereby allowing you to keep the information your share fresh and timely.  No more waiting for a developer…  🙂

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