Proactive maintenance on your infrastructure is probably the single most valuable thing you can do for your IT systems.  Would you buy a nice car and never take it in to have regular maintenance checks?  Sadly, this is the way many businesses treat their IT equipment.  Buy it new and wait for it to break.  There are a couple of problems with the “wait until it breaks” strategy…

  • Your business is increasingly dependent on your IT systems working…flawlessly.  5-10 years ago most businesses could afford to be without a critical piece of equipment or system for a few days.  Today those systems are so critical to business operations, that being down a few hours can mean thousands in lost revenue.
  • When you “wait until it breaks”, you cannot guarantee replacement parts or repair personnel will be readily available.  The economic recession has made the equipment supply chain “thinner”.  Replacement items that used to be readily available (even under warranty) in a day or less might be back-ordered for weeks.  Your risk of downtime increases with the age and type of equipment.
  • With viruses and spyware, waiting until it breaks means an full infection is in place.  You could be losing data, proprietary information, or be held for ransom.  Prevention is the best medicine, but let’s face it… most employees are either not trained or very diligent in following best practices for web surfing.

Why is proactive maintenance important?  Because its less expensive than the consequences.  Almost all systems can be checked and tested in your IT infrastructure.  Doing so in advance of failure can increase the odds that you will not experience a failure.  No guarantees… but most major systems exhibit symptoms before a catastrophic failure.

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