Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is just a fancy term for Proactive Support and Maintenance.  It is designed for companies with a need for frequent IT expertise beyond the abilities or time available of their staff.  A key benefit it offers is that you have assurance that your key systems are being monitored by a professional on a regular, timely basis.


This bundle of services is most often used in a network environment where protection of shared data is important.  However, any business with valuable business data and insufficient expertise to secure it, should consider bringing in outside help.

Managed services include activities like…

  • Server Monitoring – Server operating system patch management, preventative maintenance (both physical and operating system), file security,  user access control.
  • Network Data Backup – check that backup systems are operating as designed and test backed up data for restoration integrity.
  • Virus/Spyware – regular checks of devices with access to the network to prevent or minimize infections.
  • Desktop/laptop maintenance – regular checks for signs of physical failures, operating system or major software failures, and performance tuning to keep those system running as efficiently as possible.

Not too surprisingly, these are the areas that are most ignored… until something breaks.  Managed services are tailored and priced according to your needs.  You may only need or have budget for some of the items listed.  That’s ok… all services are designed to suit your needs.