The answer to that question is…it depends.  Will it be a complex e-commerce or customer portal web site?  Or a more basic “business card” web site?

An E-Commerce site is designed to handle sales transactions interactively with the buyer.  In almost every case, an e-commerce site should be built and initially maintained by someone with prior experience in web site development.  E-commerce sites tend to be much more complicated and require proactive monitoring to be sure they are working correctly.

A Business Card site is designed to share information about your business, products/services.  It tells customers and potential customers about your company.  These type of sites are much easier to setup and maintain.


In order to decide what is right for you, there are three basic questions you should answer…

Do you have the skills required to build and maintain a site now… Or the desire to learn the necessary skills?

It has never been easier to learn how to build a basic website.  WordPress is widely supported and relatively easy to learn.  Even if you have no prior experience, the basics of WordPress can be learned in a few hours.  While the initial build requires more time and effort, maintaining the site is as easy as using a word processor.

 How much time can you invest in acquiring the skills you do not have?

With zero prior experience. learning the basics can be done in as little as 5-10 hours.  Intermediate skills another 20+ hours.

 Does it make economic sense for you to acquire the skills?

Is building a website the best use of your time?  In some cases it may be, in others it would be more cost effective to hire it done while you focus on core business activities.


As you can see, building a web site is a complicated question and every situation is different.  If you are unsure, get advise from several sources (preferably someone that has already been through the decision process).  If you would like my assistance with this decision process, contact me here…