How good is your staff with technology?  Do they know how to operate at the highest levels of proficiency and efficiency within their assigned tasks?

Do you know what they know… and don’t know ???

Most technology is only as good as the person using it, yet technology has become an integral part of our lives… both personally and professionally.  For some, adoption of new tech and the new business procedures that come with it, is an easy transition.  For others, it is not intuitive.  It is the non-intuitive group that should warrant the highest concern in a business.  Too often, staff is allowed to “muddle along” with no emphasis on improving tech skill sets.  This is dangerous for the long term survival of the business because their competitors may pass them by.  The best practice in this case is a working environment that encourages early adoption of important tech and offers training for staff that requires addition instruction.

Part of the challenge is discovering who may need help.  The staff that has not yet acquired the skill sets are sometimes embarrassed and become timid in asking for help.   They fear looking bad to their supervisors and some will try to cover up the deficiency.  A management attitude that everyone needs instruction at different times can go a long way to relieve the anxiety felt by those with improvements to make.

The good news is that the skill sets needed are usually not difficult to acquire.  If there is an interest on the part of the employee, careful training can break down the skills to blocks of information that can be permanently absorbed and implemented.  You do both your business and your employees a favor when you invest in technology training.

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