Technical Support is the area most often associated with IT services.  It is perceived as the “fix-it” side of IT and the one people come in contact with most often.  You have a problem with your computer or smartphone?  You look for someone to email or call to get it fixed.  Got a problem getting your software to perform a particular operation?  Contact tech support!

In fact there are many types of technical support.  There are companies that provide support for computers, printers, networks (wired and wireless), home theater equipment, mobile phones, car stereo systems, GPS units, and even appliances (large and small).  Computer chips have so integrated into our lives that nearly device has the portential need for help (assuming you are not one to read the manual first  🙂 ) or repair.

There are several levels of support from help desks (domestic and foreign), om-site teams, and service centers.  Each has its place depending on the device.  The biggest complaint with any tech support is that the technician at the other end did not have the knowledge or patience to solve the issue in a satisfactory manner.  Too many technicians are lacking experience and learning on your “dime”.

Sometimes it is difficult to find someone with whom you can communicate clearly and cares enough to get you the correct solution.  A good technician will freely admit when they don’t know how to solve you problem, but will get you an answer from someone who does.

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